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Podcast: Dealing with the Loss of a Pet

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Podcast: Keeping Animal Rights Movement AliveVeterinarian Dr. Liz Fernandez is the author of the new book Sacred Gifts of a Short Life: Uncovering Wisdom of our Pets End of Life Journeys, and she offers us the silver lining that can be uncovered as we embrace the broken heartedness we are experiencing.

Dealing with the Loss of a Pet

  • What is the most common question you are asked about end of life issues”?
  • What is the biggest misconception that many people have about euthanasia?
  • What is this “silver lining”?
  • The pain is so raw and excruciating how can I see a silver lining?
  • What are the most powerful words of wisdom you would like to leave our audience
  • with?

To learn about the book Sacred Gifts Of a Short Life Uncovering Wisdom of our Pets End of Life Journeys go to www.lizfernandezdvm.com. If what Dr. Liz has shared resonates with you, and you would like to learn more she can be contacted at liz@lizfernandezdvm.com.

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