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The Great Generational Divide

The Great Generational Divide

From feedback regarding social attitudes that has demonstrated clashes of viewpoints between age groups, I thought it would be good to revisit the concept about which I’ve previously written:  tackling generational differences from an astrological [...]

Podcast: Make The Most Of The Millennial Workforce

Listen Here: Aaron Ziff is a partner at International Strategy & Consulting Inc, a management consulting firm specializing in business strategy, talent management, and HR technology. He consults primarily in the areas of employee engagement, [...]

Podcast: Make Way for Millennials

Listen Here: Dr. Joanie Connell is the author of Flying without a Helicopter: How to Prepare Young People for Work and Life.  She runs her own consulting firm called Flexible Work Solutions where she works with companies to onboard new [...]

Podcast: Debunking Millennial Worker Myth

Listen Here: Nicole Royer has spent the past three years speaking on college campuses across the country about entrepreneurship and the challenges of the multi-generational workplace. Her ebook Unexpected Benefits of a Multi-Generational [...]