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Podcast: Get The Job!

Listen Here: Diane Burton is the author of the new book Get the Job and owner of Executive Empowerment Solutions accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Diane has nearly 40 years of corporate experience and has consulted in fortune 500 companies [...]

Coping With Job Loss

You’ve spent many years building your career and establishing a place in the corporate world and feel secure about your future and the future of your family. But what happens when it ends abruptly behind the euphemism of downsizing, reorganization, [...]

Podcast: The Job Search Buddy

Listen Here: Davina Douthard is the CEO and founder of Polishing the Professional, a career center providing professional development, personal branding and career placement service. She is author of The Job Search Buddy, a handy pocket [...]

Podcast: New Hiring Trends

Listen Here: Bradley Richardson is an Executive Recruiter, Best-Selling Author and Career Development Coach who share his perspectives on the hiring trends of 2014 and how job candidates can increase their chances of getting hired. What [...]

RoundUp: Getting Your First Career Job, What Works, What Does Not!

Ever wonder what it takes to get your first career job?  How are other recent college grads doing it? JenningsWire features real life recent grads who tell what worked and what did not work for them in landing their first career job. JenningsWire also asked [...]

New Year, New Career!

3 simple tips to help you make a faster and easier career change As a leading Career Coach, I’m seeing that many professionals make the mistake of posting their resume on a job board, or handing their resume to a recruiter, and then just sitting [...]

Does Changing Your Career Mean Decreasing Your Salary? Not Necessarily!

“How can I reinvent my career without decreasing my salary?” A client of mine, Matt, just reinvented his career from being a manager in the TV industry to becoming a manager in high-tech, and he even received a 15-percent pay increase. So [...]