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What is success? Mark Twain said, “The secret of success is to make your vocation your vacation.” With four out of five people “unhappy” in their current jobs, our society doesn’t have enough vacationers. What is success? Many people [...]

Real Publicity Story: J.P. Tells How Annie Jennings PR Took Him To The Top

Listen Here: The Annie Jennings PR Real Story Success Series showcases real author and client success in leveraging Annie’s media bookings as door openers into  huge new opportunities with mega money making potential. In this podcast, [...]

To Tweet or Not to Tweet—That is the Question!

Can social media help you obtain your dream job? As a career expert, I’m often asked this question, both by the media, job hunters, and even employers. My answer? Yes and no. First, a word of caution about social networking: every tweet, [...]