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J.P. Hansen

As CEO of Hansen Executive Search, Inc., for the past nineteen years, I have helped thousands of people find their dream jobs. A self-made millionaire by age thirty-seven, prior to founding my own business, I was the youngest vice president of sales & marketing at ConAgra, a Fortune 30 company. Previously, I successfully ascended the corporate ladders at such blue-chip companies as Nestle, SC Johnson Wax, and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Despite my career success my life hasn’t always been a dream. My personal journey is one of a riches to rags to riches tale. Though I was promoted eight times in twelve years, I was never content. My sights had always been on the next better job, and each time I was promoted, I failed to appreciate the moment. When I reached my ultimate prize—vice president of a major company—I was supposed to be at the top of the ladder. The only problem: I was falling off a broken ladder! I had become disenfranchised with corporate politics and didn’t enjoy my job—or my life. I suffered through a bitter divorce, and I let my ego bankrupt my spiritual, relational, intellectual, emotional, and physical self. I knew I needed to make a change. I developed my own Bliss List and returned to my teachers of the past: Jose Silva, Emile Coue, Wallace Wattles, Napoleon Hill, and so many others. I started my own business—my true bliss point—and began focusing on serving others. Abundance returned immediately.

The Bliss List has helped me expand my goal of helping others and established me as a career expert, reaching over 10,000,000 people through print, radio, and TV interviews.

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