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Podcast: Create Insanely Happy Customers!

Listen Here: Want to impact your business in a powerful way? Deremiah knows and tells in this revealing podcast. Award Winning Speaker & Customer Passion Evangelist Deremiah *CPE shares the principles you can use to out-serve everyone in [...]

Podcast: Learning With The Practical Prof

Listen Here: Dr. Santo D. Marabella is the author of The Practical Prof:  Simple Lessons for Anyone Who Works. The Practical Prof’s mission is to help employees and their employers who are drained of their emotional and motivational [...]

Podcast: How Strategic Volunteering Can Boost Your Career

Listen Here: Lorraine Arams is a Corporate Consultant and author of the ebook, Strategic Volunteering to Boost Your Career. In this podcast, Lorraine talks about the misinformation provided to employees and job seekers about volunteering [...]

Micro-inequities: Little Things Mean A Lot!

Micro-inequities can be like little paper cuts. Layla, a 35 year old Latina woman (who looks ten years younger than her age) is starting her new job as senior director of her division, supervising over 20 employees. Despite her corporate dress [...]