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Lorraine Arams

Lorraine Arams has had an extensive career as an executive director and board member in several types of non-profits and has worked in both multi-national corporations and government. These experiences uniquely position Lorraine to understand how volunteering can accelerate careers. She understands that the onus is on the volunteer to find the right volunteering experience to maximize time spent and accruebenefits personally and professionally. Her business includes consulting for non-profits, delivering practical, down-to-earth workshops to boards of directors and speaking. Corporations can benefit from her full-day workshop for new boards members, Board Bootcamp. New board members benefit from having the knowledge and necessary tools to perform optimally on a volunteer board to achieve the best results for all concerned.

Posts by Lorraine Arams:

  • Podcast: How Strategic Volunteering Can Boost Your Career

  • July 3rd, 2013
    Listen Here: Lorraine Arams is a Corporate Consultant and author of the ebook, Strategic Volunteering to Boost Your Career. In this podcast, Lorraine talks about the misinformation provided to employees and job [...]