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Podcast: How Strategic Volunteering Can Boost Your Career

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Lorraine Arams is a Corporate Consultant and author of the ebook, Strategic Volunteering to Boost Your Career.

In this podcast, Lorraine talks about the misinformation provided to employees and job seekers about volunteering and why not all volunteering experiences are equal or to your advantage.

How Strategic Volunteering Can Boost Your Career

  • If you are working full-time, how do you find time to volunteer?
  • What is strategic volunteering and how has volunteering changed over the years?
  • Why are people misinformed? What are they told and what can they do about it?
  • What should you look for when volunteering in an organization?
  • What are the benefits to volunteering professionally and personally?

To learn more about Lorraine Arams, her services and ebook Strategic Volunteering to Boost Your Career please visit her site OnContractOnly.com.

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