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Podcast: The Truth Behind Your Dreams

Listen Here: Jeffrey Wands is a psychic, radio host and author of numerous books including The Psychic In You, Another Door Opens, Knock and the Door Will Open and his latest release from Simon and Schuster is the ebook, Dream Interpretations: [...]

Am I The Master Or The Slave

My dream of freedom begins like this: Every day upon awakening, I ask myself: “Am I the master or the slave today?” The very question reminds me that I have a choice! It also sets the tone for what is to come by empowering me to take control [...]

The Season Of Synchronicity

So you are wondering, what does the New Year hold in store for you? Success in finance, love, career or simply more joy and harmony and a sense of well-being and happiness? The great news is, dreams, signs and intuition increase sharply around [...]

Using Dream Interpretation To Your Advantage

Lately I have been reading about dream interpretation. I used to try and decode my dreams a few years ago. I stopped soon after realizing how neurotic and anxiety-ridden I must have been due to reoccurring nightmares of my teeth falling out. [...]

Dream Interpretation

In many cases, we can’t make heads or tails of a dream even after we sketch it out or write it down. The following organizational process is very useful in providing structure to chaotic dreams. Our ability to interpret dreams depends on [...]

Dreams of Disaster

What does it mean when you dream of Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Tidal waves? It means that very big changes are coming into your life. Tornadoes also indicate that we are running around in circles and going Nowhere. These Disaster Dreams are warning [...]