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Podcast: The Truth Behind Your Dreams

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Jeffrey Wands is a psychic, radio host and author of numerous books including The Psychic In You, Another Door Opens, Knock and the Door Will Open and his latest release from Simon and Schuster is the ebook, Dream Interpretations: A Psychic’s A to Z Guide to Uncovering the Truth behind Your Dreams.

In this podcast, you can discover what your dreams mean to your life, why journaling your dreams can help you, if those who have passed away communicate with you in your dreams and why dreaming you are wearing a bikini in a snow storm might mean you are about to come into a lot of money!

The Truth Behind Your Dreams

  • What dream symbols are most common? Tidal waves? Falling? Flying, Being Chased?
  • What dream means you will probably win the lottery?
  • Are dreams just your subconscious reaching out to you? Communicating with you?
  • Can deceased loved ones talk to you in your dreams?
  • Should dreamers keep a dream journal?

To learn more about Jeffrey Wands, his radio show, books and services please visit his site JeffreyWands.com

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