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Am I The Master Or The Slave

My dream of freedom begins like this:

Every day upon awakening, I ask myself: “Am I the master or the slave today?” The very question reminds me that I have a choice! It also sets the tone for what is to come by empowering me to take control and not react to the day as if it rules me.

Before discovering the master/slave technique, I approached Mondays like I was going into battle: I knew the day was going to beat me and I tried to minimize its effects. Actually, I was choosing to be the slave; choosing to react to the day rather than seizing the opportunity to become the master.

As master, I am the cause and the initiator of action. In choosing to be the master, we automatically avoid becoming the victim. Masters are never victims. We create the circumstances of our lives and choose our responses to situations that are beyond our control. For example, how do we respond when someone cuts us off in traffic? We can choose to take a deep breath, smile and proceed. Or, we can explode in anger. Mastership demands total responsibility because it is based on the premise of total freedom to select our path in life.

This perspective starts from the point of view that we are exactly where we need to be in life.

What has brought us to this point are the decisions we have made in the past. By accepting this premise as a starting position, we accept responsibility for our life and take control of the present moment. Reality starts in the moment and ends in the moment. Therefore, we are facing our past choices in our current situations. The challenge is to discern what we are learning from the situations. What do they have to teach us?

This perspective recognizes us as the creators of our entire lives. It is the position and status of the Avatar. The Avatar is one who creates his existence or daily reality.

We must Dream our life and eventually the Dream becomes our life!

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