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The Season Of Synchronicity

So you are wondering, what does the New Year hold in store for you?

Success in finance, love, career or simply more joy and harmony and a sense of well-being and happiness?

The great news is, dreams, signs and intuition increase sharply around the New Year. We get a personal snapshot of what is coming for us over the next 3 months! Simply knowing this or being aware of it gives us an edge and allows us to tap into it.

Our inner advisor is our greatest source of immediate knowledge! When we use the inner nudge of knowingness, the rewards are innumerable. Know the unknowable, avoid adversity, make better choices, and never get blind-sided again, just to name a few. These tools and techniques are available 24/7; they are free and run on auto-pilot. Listen to the voice within, it’s the voice that has been with you for eons. That familiar voice of knowledge is YOU!

So, begin to keep a dream journal as a special prophetic gift to yourself this Christmas and see what happens!

Begin to notice the coincidence and synchronicity in your daily routine. Jot them down in your dream journal. Don’t forget to pay attention to your gut feelings or intuition, they are never wrong.

Follow your intuition and most importantly:


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