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Three of Me

2015 March, I was hanging out with my friend. I had purchased Blue Bell Butter Crunch and we went to her apartment. It had been a minute since I had seen her so, she stopped by and scooped me up. As we sat at the table catching up on things [...]

Listening To What Your Body Wants

The body is an amazing source of intelligence. It is always there for you, pumping blood, never skipping a heartbeat, digesting whatever food you put in it, and maintaining homeostasis. Is this reliable, intelligent bio-computer making a mistake [...]

Podcast: Healing The Heart With Meditation

Listen Here: Dr. Ruth Starseed is a licensed psychotherapist and director of Relaxation International. She holds a PhD in holistic health sciences and is an adjunct professor at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, where she teaches Health [...]

Podcast: 100 Easy Healthy Habits

Listen Here: The Healthy Habit Coach, Tara Rayburn, is an author, speaker, blogger and Mom-on-a-Mission. She inspires uplifting habits for the mind, body and soul with nutrient rich foods, natural products and wise ways practiced throughout [...]

Information Is Power…

Health information is everywhere. We want to remain youthful and strong and if this means reading the latest studies, we’ll do it—we want to know. We read magazines, watch the news, talk to our doctor and even memorize a few statistics so [...]

Feng Shui – Simply What You Choose

So many people ask me each day to explain Feng Shui. Feng Shui is simply what you chose to surround yourself with daily—objects, people and places, and how they make you feel—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. There is no [...]

Mind, Body, Spirit: Which Is Which?

Body—mind—spirit–where does one stop and the other begin? Within our own minds we decide how intimately the two are connected. We each decide just how self-aware we want or need to be. Our histories have created for us a worldview [...]