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Feng Shui – Simply What You Choose

So many people ask me each day to explain Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is simply what you chose to surround yourself with daily—objects, people and places, and how they make you feel—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. There is no big secret.

Ask yourself–Do these people, places or things in my surroundings make me  feel prosperous and good about myself; or do they bring me  down into a depressed, oppressed, or repressed state and make me feel ill?

Interesting that oppression, repression, and depression all sound like it’s opposite counterpart – passion!  Shift the E  for excuse  to A for action and start over.

That is simple Feng Shui… how you interact in your environment and if the energy around you allows you to flow and grow or  causes you to duck and hide.  Your Feng Shui can be good or bad depending upon you!!

The magic of Feng Shui comes when you choose to change the bad Feng Shui to good Feng Shui.

Your life is within your control. You have the power to change your thoughts, your environment and your life.  Begin now. De-hypnotize yourself from the programming that is not working for you and the environment that holds it in place.

Today, pay attention to your negative thought patterns about self and life. Each time you have a negative thought creep in…instantly stop what you are doing, take note of the environment you are in and reframe your thought into the positive.  For instance, if you say to yourself,  ‘I have no money to take that trip.’  Stop!  What in your environment triggered up the thought of ‘no money.’  Then reframe your thoughts to… ‘what can I do to save or get money for that trip.’  Then become pro active in making it happen.  Then of course, if this trigger is within your home, remove it. If you are not at home, this is how programming from another time and place in the form of symbols and objects hold emotional energy of anywhere you may go in your world.  You can’t run and hide.  It will find you. You must face it.

To solve these thought patterns–focus on taking the trip or whatever it is you wish to do. Look around your house for what you may be spending excess on–those things  that you really don’t want or need or have in abundance.  (Let me help you—Do you have excess clothes, shoes, groceries, tobacco, alcohol, jewelry, toys, etc.?  Oh, come on….we all do it.  No one is perfect when it comes to saving and spending money!! We all have quirks and addictions. )

Next, make the commitment to limit that spending and commit to saving that ‘excess’ money for the future trip.  Change the view, change your world. As you focus on what you want and not worry about what you don’t have…magic happens.

Now, with those thoughts in mind…. look around your home and discover what else may be  blocking your emotional or physical energy from freedom of movement (money, relationships, health, career, and also physical body movement) and make the necessary adjustments.

We need movement to grow and change.  Move furniture around, de-clutter, get rid of all junk in your home gunking it up, clean up doorways and windows.

We live our life not only in verbal language, but also non-verbal language in the way of codes, symbols, objects, signs and imprinting from our childhood. What are the symbols and codes in your home telling you?

Doorways and windows  symbolize opportunities and insights coming to you. Are your doorways marked with dirty fingerprints of the past?  Are the doors clean or do they need repainted or re-stained?  Does each doorway in your home welcome you?  This means internal doorways to each room, as well. Are they in good repair or off their hinges or hinges without doors?  Do they shut easily or do they stick or don’t close at all??  Yep, all of these things affect the nervous systems as they distort the eyes and upset the mind. It puts that nagging thought in your head: ‘ I have got to get that fixed but I have too much to do today’.

Solutions: prioritize!  Get that door in shape and open it metaphorically so you can take the trip or job change or relationship improvement you have been hoping for. You can do it by surrounding yourself with new doors to open.

Next, windows. Are they clear and clean or dirty? Are they water marked?  This again, upsets the mind as you live in a blur of your world? Get them cleaned. If you don’t have time, pay someone.

The biggest excuse I hear for not fixing up the home: ‘I don’t have the money.’  Is this just another excuse or program of the mind?   Your home is an extension of you and must become a priority. If you are spending excess money on clothes, shoes, man toys, tobacco, alcohol, cars, etc., — you have the money to fix a $200 window or get them cleaned. Get the bid; you may be surprised how inexpensive it may be.

As you repair your home, you are actually repairing your emotions and body.  These little annoyances drag down the energy of the body, one by one, until the feeling of overwhelm and disgust set in. Each time you make an adjustment in your home, you may feel an emotion come up.

Start eating this elephant, (repairing your home and life) one bite at a time.  Take one object and fix it.  The next week, do another. As you do the tasks, one step at time and quit, the job becomes do-able and enjoyable as you stand back and admire the work.  It is empowering and then you want more. Just like an addiction. You have created new energy.

That is all an addiction is: a craving for more! We use an addiction, whether it is drug, alcohol, sex, shopping, people, etc. as an escape to shut down what is really going on in our life.

I know, I am an addict.  I have had to balance all of the above to find peace.  I traded one addiction for another—still do.  Peace comes when you finally admit what the problem really is;  usually something in the  past programming.  Your environment will always mirror what is happening in your head.  There is nowhere to hide.  The environment you choose will tell your story.  Stop hiding, start doing.  Get that environment clear and clean with new opportunities coming to you.  Get your head peaceful.

Feng Shui awareness is my magic tool.  It saved my life.  I walk, talk, breath, feng shui and behavior.  Oh, I am still a junky–  A feng shui junky coupled with a writing, blogging, internet junky.  However, it is healthier.  I am able to get the emotions outside in my writing and not suppress them with an exaggerated short-term buzz.  My environment now mirrors that. When my environment gets messy, I know I am getting messy internally and it is time to clean it up again.

So today…..become the environment you wish to live in.  I wish happy Feng Shui!

Mary is a blogger for JenningsWire.