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Podcast: The Four Generations At Work

Listen Here: Award winning author and presenter, Dr. Elizabeth Kearney, is a former John Hopkins Fellow with a background as both a professor and business owner. She is author of The Four Generations, which explains how to deal with four different [...]

Podcast: Boomer Travel Tips

Listen Here: Joining us today is Liz Dahl, founder of BoomerTravelPatrol.com, a travel resource site for baby boomers complete with unique tips, destinations and suggestions for travelers on the fun side of fifty. Boomer Travel Tips Why create [...]

Podcast: True Stories From A Baby Boomer

Listen Here: Stephen B. Satterwhite is the author of True Stories from a Baby Boomer which is the fulfillment of a forty year long promise Stephen made to his father after he died when Stephen was just 20 years old – to write a book telling [...]

It’s Time To Be A Little Selfish

How many sacrifices have you made over the years for your family, so your children could have a comfortable, happy life? I’m sure you’ve made many.  The long hours at work, the shortened vacations so kids go to camp and the expensive [...]

Ageless Boomers

If your goal is to live longer, to live your best life and to contribute to society in a positive way, you are not alone. Most people would like to achieve this level of satisfaction and fulfillment and are realizing that there are many opportunities [...]