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Podcast: True Stories From A Baby Boomer

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Stephen B. Satterwhite is the author of True Stories from a Baby Boomer which is the fulfillment of a forty year long promise Stephen made to his father after he died when Stephen was just 20 years old – to write a book telling him what he did with his life.

True Stories from a Baby Boomer

  • So, what did you do with your life?
  • Why did you have 40 jobs?
  • Do you recommend writing a memoir?
  • How can sharing your life story help heal open wounds?
  • What is your favorite story from the book and what can readers learn from it?

You can read more about Stephen Satterwhite, his book True Stories from a Baby Boomer reviews and excerpts on Amazon, as well as his website TrueStoriesFromABabyBoomer.com. If you know any baby boomers this is a book that will make them laugh and cry out loud.

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