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Liz Dahl

Liz Dahl is an entrepreneur whose journey began as an immigrant to the United States. Born in a Displaced Person's Camp in Germany after the war, Liz and her parents came to this country with hopes and dreams which she continues to fulfill. Her love of travel came early in life and now as a baby boomer, former PR consultant and travel agent, she founded www.boomertravelpatrol.com as a resource guide for her generation. She formed a Patrol of Baby Boomers who explore all aspects of travel and the site provides enormous amounts of information for those who love to travel.

Posts by Liz Dahl:

  • Podcast: Boomer Travel Tips

  • December 27th, 2013
    Listen Here: Joining us today is Liz Dahl, founder of BoomerTravelPatrol.com, a travel resource site for baby boomers complete with unique tips, destinations and suggestions for travelers on the fun side of fifty. Boomer [...]