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Podcast: Social Media Marketing For Small Business

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Social media on SmartphoneDimple Thakkar is the CEO & Impresario of Synhergy Marketing, a multiple award-winning social media agency based in Los Angeles. They’ve won the Small Business of the Year Award from the US Chamber of Commerce and received a top social media agency nomination from Mashable.com. Dimple has appeared on national television for her expertise in marketing and business to inspire current and up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and is here to impart some of that insight.

 Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses

  • Why is the “small” in small business an advantage, not a disadvantage?
  • Why is your reputation critical to a small business’ success?
  • What do you mean small businesses should take the extra step? The extra step for what?
  • Why should small businesses break free from the status quo? What is the status quo?
  • Why should small businesses give back? What are some ways they can give back?

To learn more about SYNHERGY MARKETING, please visit www.synhergy.com.  To ask any follow-up questions, please find Dimple on Twitter at @DimpleThakkar.

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