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Podcast: How Anyone Can Be A Makeup Artist

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Portrait of a sexy woman with brushPortrait of a sexy woman with brushKaylin Johnson is a former video game designer who turned a passion for beauty into a career by building her business from the ground up, teaching herself the tools of the trade and developing the network she needed to succeed. Frustrated by the lack of resources available to up-and-coming artists, she wrote The Mercenary Makeup Artist: Breaking Into the Business With Style.

How Anyone Can Be A Makeup Artist

  • Why should I consider becoming a makeup artist?
  • What is the #1 skill that you need to succeed as a makeup artist?
  • What is the biggest misconception people have about makeup artists?
  • What can someone do to get started doing makeup?
  • Where do you find starter clients?

To find out more about Kaylin Johnson and The Mercenary Makeup Artist, check out kaylinskit.com. Her blog offers hundreds of articles, pro beauty secrets, makeup recommendations, and free downloadable resources.

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