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5 Fashion Rules No Longer In Fashion

Never Wear White After Labor Day

Pish posh. I love white on white. It is elegant, chic, simple and rich. And if I am wearing a white shirt, white pants and it happens to be snowing? So be it! Bring it on, Jack Frost.

Shoes and Bags Must Match

Nice look. But says whom? There are too many shoes and too many bags, and well, let’s face it, just too many cute ways to tie it all together. I say we leave this one back in the ’50’s … where it belongs.

Never Wear Gold & Silver Jewelry Together

Here’s one of my personal favorites – In my Southern youth mixing metals was a no no! My momma was very clear on this particular guidance as it was frowned upon, and considered a sever lack of good judgement. It begat unwanted attention, a social scarlet letter and a, “ Bless her heart. “ Which in that day was a death nell. Now, I say whateves! Gold looks better with silver, and when I get really creative and oxidize my Sterling to black I love the 3 together! That’s right, momma! You heard me! ( Love you )

No Suede Or Leather In the Summer

Um. Excuse me, Judge? Have you ever seen a great pair of legs in tailored leather shorts, silk shirt with a great jacket and hot wedges? Have a cocktail. I rest my case.

No Black with Brown or Navy

Ok. Now they are just getting crazy. Give me a black or brown frock and some saddle brown sandals with a great b.r.o.w.n, bag and I’m out outfitting this joker, every time.

Rules, shmules

Fashion is your best expression of you before you open your mouth and dazzle with that sparkler of a personality. Listen to your heart. Be inspired. Whatever ‘goes’ in your mind? Go with it. Be your fearless self! If I could send you out the door today with a smack on your cute fanny and a ‘go get ’em’ I’d do that. But Go Get ‘Em will have to suffice. Remember. You own this room.. whichever room you happen to be in a sassing with your own amazing expression of you.