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Stephany Greene, M.A.


Stephany Greene earned a Master of Arts Degree in Public Communication from American University, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Design from Pratt Institute. She sits on the Board of the Alumni Advisory Council at Pratt Institute.

Stephany is a Celebrity Style Expert, Fashion Designer, Educator, Life Stylist, and Founder of the Fashion Merchandising Program at the University of the District of Columbia, which attracted the President Obama sanctioned White House Initiative, as one of seven U.S. partnerships with $14 billion retail giant, Gap Inc. Stephany’s career spans over 20 years where her collections as a Fashion Designer garnered $75 million for Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis, The NBA and The NFL, among others.

Stephany has appeared on TV, radio and throughout the media including CNN, Fox News.com, New Jersey News 12, Details Magazine and Essence Magazine. Stephany is also featured in the premiere coffee table book, the Inaugural Edition of The Best of D.C.

Many distinguished celebrities in the fashion industry have endorsed her book, Stephany’s Style Secrets: 7 Steps to Live and Dress Your Best including, Lloyd Boston - NBC Today Show's Emmy nominated TV Host/Style Expert; Linda Erkiletian - Star, The Real Housewives of DC, President, THE Artist Agency; and Oscar Feldenkreis - President and Chief Operating Officer, Perry Ellis International.

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