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The Book Of You

The Book Of You

Everybody has a book in them!  It’s the tale of their own journey. Since everyone is a unique energy pattern, and that energy pattern has never been heretofore attempted (yes, since the era is different, and you, like snow crystals, have [...]

Intuitive Shopping

When you go through a store looking for your item but passing many enticing things that call out to you, and when you then stop, pick up that item, examine it for a few seconds, and put it into your shopping cart, that is called impulse shopping. Stores [...]
Podcast: DADLY Wisdom

Podcast: DADLY Wisdom

Listen Here: Author Jennifer Karin Jordan celebrates dads year-round in her new book, DADLY Wisdom. She’ll tell her journey of writing the book, share some of the fathers’ wisdom, and give tips to attain your dreams. DADLY Wisdom What [...]

Your Subconscious Mind Works 24/7: Harness It

Have you ever wondered where songwriters, poets, sculptors and artists come up with new ideas? How do inventors create concepts that morph into Smart Phones, miniature drones and ocean liners? Who dreams up a screenplay for a movie or the design [...]

Always Sit Down Wind Of Flowers

Susan Schutz said, “Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair.” Years ago, I backpacked in Nepal, Tibet and other parts of Asia. I distinctly remember the peace and quietude of the Himalayas and the stunning beauty of Mount [...]

Oracle Of The Soul: Discovering Gems Of Understanding

As you grew up, you experienced different lessons along your life-path. You discovered a hot stove hurt when you touched it. A candle flame caused pain when you passed your finger over it. A rosebush thorn made your finger bleed. A bee sting [...]

Lessons From Your Grandchildren

What lessons can we learn from our grandchildren? From the first moment your grandchildren are born their world is seen through the lens of wonder and discovery. Even their own body parts lend themselves to hours of fascination, like when they [...]

Podcast: Letters From Grandma

Listen Here: Cheryl Therrien is a bestselling author, blogger & trainer who is on a mission to put the ‘GRAND’ back in grandparents. She is the author of Letters From Grandma: Before You Were Born a collection of letters from a first [...]

Getting Beyond The B.S. – We Want To Believe To Find Our Truth…

Late last night on Facebook a contact, Kathy was sharing with me how she was so excited. She has fallen in love with a man that she had a romantic two week liaison.. This man was making her big promises. Promises like marriage, [...]

Shift Into Your New Storyline

The single most powerful change you can make in the New Year is to learn how to shift your emotions instantaneously. This is what has been labeled as part of The Shift, and can even be considered a bit of a trick, or technique to change your [...]