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The Book Of You

The Book Of YouEverybody has a book in them!  It’s the tale of their own journey.

Since everyone is a unique energy pattern, and that energy pattern has never been heretofore attempted (yes, since the era is different, and you, like snow crystals, have never been duplicated), your story is unlived and untold except as it’s happening to you, as you are creating it minute-to-minute and year-to-year.

What if you’re not a writer? What if you are too busy living your life to take time to write about it? What if you would never share its particulars but only keep its secrets to yourself?

That’s okay.  Your journey is still a tale worth living and a story worth keeping. Where is it kept if you have no intentions or ability to write it down? It’s kept in the Akasha.

The Akashic Records is just a name for the imprint or record of everything (thought or action) that has ever been expressed.  Energy can never be lost, so it’s only just transformed, over and over, into ever-changing patterns. Some of these patterns are You! You have lived and experienced them. The patterns of your creation have meant something to you. They have caused you to gain wisdom. Every life counts. Every journey reveals truth – not only to you, but to all of creation. The universe needs you to explore life, to realize what different energy patterns reveal.

Other names (more scientific ones) are the Zero Point Field or the Frequency Domain. Science is catching up with ancient philosophy.

Your book is The Story of You. Keep reviewing it, even if you are not capturing it in written words. Find its message and its wisdom. In this age of blogging and self-publishing, maybe you can put it out there. Or maybe it’s just for you. The story of you is not trivial, nor is it ever lost. It remains forever in the energy domain, and thus all life is valuable.

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