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Podcast: How Outsider Candidates Can Improve Their Chances of Winning

Listen Here: Political consultant Gerry O’Brien is the author of the upcoming book 1901. Gerry was the youngest candidate to ever run for the New York City Council, at 18 and has been involved with politics ever since. Gerry will discuss [...]

What Is An Ugly Win And Why We Want Them

In sports they call them ugly wins. But in sports a win is still a win. There is no asterisk by an ugly win. It counts just like any other win. Whether the team came from 30 points behind or almost lost a big lead, it counts like any other win. [...]

Podcast: Teaching Kids To Win At Losing

Listen Here: Dr. Frank Sileo is a NJ licensed psychologist with a private practice in Ridgewood, NJ and the author of four children’s books including Sally Sore Loser:  A Story about Winning and Losing.  He is often the “go [...]