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Podcast: How Outsider Candidates Can Improve Their Chances of Winning

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How Outsider Candidates Can Improve Their Chances of WinningPolitical consultant Gerry O’Brien is the author of the upcoming book 1901. Gerry was the youngest candidate to ever run for the New York City Council, at 18 and has been involved with politics ever since. Gerry will discuss how outsider candidates can improve their chances of winning.

How Outsider Candidates Can Improve Their Chances of Winning

  • Why is it so rare for outsider candidates to win?
  •  What are the biggest obstacles outsider candidates face in today’s political process?
  •  Can you give an example of how an insider candidate can be defeated by an outsider?
  •  What are the most common mistakes that wealthy outsider candidates make?
  • What’s the single most effective thing people can do to change our political system?

To learn more about  Gerry O’Brien visit www.gerryobrien.com, as well as his book site www.1901robotfighter.com. Visit Gerry at Twitter: @OBrienNYC.

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