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Against All Odds

My father had just been operated on to remove a cancerous tumor in his hip so he was still in the hospital recovering. He knew he had to gain weight to stay strong. When I was visiting him one of many days there, I accompanied him as he made [...]

Age Is Just A Number

My blog post, “Insurmountable”, listed all the barriers we face in pursuit of our dreams. For me, age is the most visible as I am coming up on the half century mark. As the decades have passed, the list of things I believed I was no longer [...]

Daddy Danced

A lifelong athlete and WWII Navy Pilot, Dad had always been muscular and handsome. Then several years ago after surgery for a cerebral hemorrhage, he was unable to walk and became forgetful. Then last year at 89, he began to improve. Going to [...]

Re-focusing Life’s Lens

My camera lens was set. The target I was after to capture was our daughter participating in her 4th grade Christmas program. Excitement was welling up inside of me as I was anxious to get a good picture of her performance. As the kids entered [...]


I watched an interview the other day and a woman said her problems were insurmountable. This struck me in two ways. First, who in this day and age says insurmountable? We may say impossible, unbeatable, no way, or can’t do it, but insurmountable? [...]

Carnival’s Cahill Salvages PR Triumph

Don’t you wonder about that first call from the Carnival PR team to the CEO? Um, Cap, problem in the Gulf. What time is it? And don’t call me Cap! The Triumph’s stranded; 4,000-plus on board. CNN’s leading with “busted toilets, hot [...]