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I watched an interview the other day and a woman said her problems were insurmountable.

This struck me in two ways. First, who in this day and age says insurmountable? We may say impossible, unbeatable, no way, or can’t do it, but insurmountable? Secondly, what really in this world is insurmountable?

I think about all of the so-called insurmountable barriers that have been broken. Mount Everest, the highest mountain on earth, was the symbol of insurmountable until Hillary reached the peak in 1953.

Since then, young and old, male and female, seeing and blind have reached the peak. How about Nick Vujicic who has no arms or legs surfing with Bethany Hamilton whose arm was bitten off by a shark? Did they feel their disabilities were insurmountable?

Felix Baumgartner jumped 128,000 feet above earth and landed safely, free-falling at 843 mph and breaking the sound barrier, the first person to do so outside of a vehicle. We have gone to the moon and explored space. In fact, there are currently over 35 people living in space right now.

How about gender, race, and education? Insurmountable? Women have led countries and Fortune 500 companies, fought fires and crimes, been doctors, lawyers and astronauts. The president of the United States is African American, as is one of the most influential women in the world, Oprah. Bill Gates, one of the most successful and wealthiest men in the world never finished college. How about Rockefeller who dropped out of high school? So did Simon Cowell. So did Dave Thomas who started the Wendy’s chain.

Dr. Tererai Trent had gender, race and education against her. In Zimbabwe she was married at 11 and had three children by 18 by a man who beat her every day. Insurmountable? She dreamed big, impossible dreams. She worked hard, moved to the U.S. and got a PhD. No barrier was too big for her.

The woman being interviewed was talking about her personal problems of debt, unemployment, and homelessness. Is that insurmountable? Donald Trump, love him or hate him, came back from losing hundreds of millions of dollars and a bankrupt business to being a billionaire. That is hundreds of millions of dollars, not thousands. Steve Jobs was fired from his own company and then years later, was re-hired and made Apple into the company we know and love today. Fired from his own company. How do you come back from that? People at the top of their fields like Tony Robbins, Jim Carrey, Neale Donald Walsch, Andrew Carnegie, Sarah Jessica Parker, J.K. Rowling, Bill Clinton, I could go on and on, all overcame poverty or homelessness or both.

So what is insurmountable?

The highest mountains and the depths of the seas are not. Space, the final frontier, is not. Physical disabilities, gender, race, and education have all been eliminated as has debt, unemployment, and homelessness.

So what is insurmountable?

The only thing that is, is what you choose to be.

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