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Re-focusing Life’s Lens

My camera lens was set.

The target I was after to capture was our daughter participating in her 4th grade Christmas program. Excitement was welling up inside of me as I was anxious to get a good picture of her performance.

As the kids entered the stage it was time for this proud mom to start the camera rolling. Just as I went to push the button to start recording someone walked in front of the lens.

My poor outdated video camera did what it was designed to do as it went blurry trying to focus in on the new and closer target. After a few seconds I finally was back into focus but unfortunately missed our daughter’s grand entrance.

If you think about it life is like that as well.

We have this lens in life we are given to focus on our past, present, or future. We set our goals. We know our mark we want to aim for. All is well as we anxiously wait for their entrances. However, suddenly without notice something such as cancer, health issues, family problems, and financial issues walks in front of our life’s lens and we lose our focus and things get blurry.

When I was diagnosed with cancer that is exactly what my life felt like. There I was with the camera of my life focused on my goals set before me when suddenly my focus was blurred. Unfortunately my lens in life was more outdated than my old video camera because it took more than just seconds to re-focus.

It was more like several months instead as all I could see in front of me was a dead end street called ‘Cancer’ that was about to take my life. I saw no purpose in focusing on anything else because I didn’t know how it was all going to end.

Within those several months everything I did seemed like it was going to be my last.

My granddaughter’s flute solo she did, showing rabbits at the county fair, the Bible Study I lead and other things were all looked upon thru blurry eyes. Each viewed as if they were among the list of the last things I would get to do before cancer took my life. My lens needed to be re-focused but I was the only one who could do it.

It’s a given fact that things are going to blur our vision along life’s paths. We are going to lose our focus once in awhile. What is important here is the fact we do all we can to get ourselves back into focus as soon as possible. Focusing on the negative won’t make things more positive. Diving head first into the pool of pity and fear isn’t as productive as we think it might be as the end result is more of a blurred vision than what we started out with.

It is our own lack of focus that holds us back from enjoying what we do have instead of dwelling over what it was that blurred our vision. Truly our focus needs to change. Read a book, write, go for a stroll outside, pray, do whatever it takes to get back into focus. It doesn’t matter if some of our goals are lost and new ones need to be found. The important thing is we take the time to re-focus our lens and move forward, anxious to capture what is ahead of us no matter what that may be.

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