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How Do You Define Thanks?

Gratitude in action starts with feeling your own thankfulness then encourages you to put it in action. The following is one perspective on giving thanks and what you can do to keep it in motion. T is for Time– Be thankful for time. Having [...]

When Expectations Lead To Happiness

Expectations, outcomes you desire when thinking about some future event, sometimes lead you into a place of joy and success. Other times expectations bring you disappointment and despair. How you experience life depends on the scenario you choose [...]

To Every Season

“The Autumn Leaves – drift by my window…” As the leaves turn and the temperature drops, is your autumn half full or half empty? I have found through the years there are those who love the fall colors, brisk walks, Oktoberfests, [...]

Celebrate Each Day Like It’s Thanksgiving!

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away. Why not celebrate each day as Thanksgiving by living with the spirit of the day? Why not live each day appreciating what we have [...]

Feng Shui Your Holiday Decor

The Holiday seasons are upon us as we prepare to spend time with our families and reflect upon the year and be thankful for all we have–food, shelter, clothing, health, family, or whatever. This holiday season, as you are cleaning your [...]

Make Thanksgiving a Lifestyle

America celebrated its first nationwide day of thanks in 1789 under the leadership of our first president, George Washington. However, it wasn’t until Abraham Lincoln was president that our country had its first official Thanksgiving holiday. [...]

Don’t “Talk Turkey,” Give Thanks

Oh how I loathe hearing the words….”Happy Turkey Day.” I loathe the expression not only because I know that turkeys are ready, willing and able to be loving pets for those lucky enough to be able to house them, but also because [...]

The Midlife Sage Says: Avoid The Platitude About Gratitude

Feeling guilty because your Thanksgiving experience never resembles the Norman Rockwell painting of a happy family gathered around a lovely table as Grandma in her white apron proudly delivers a perfect turkey? Instead, does your feast often [...]

Home For The Holidays

In preparing for the upcoming holidays, are you filled with eager anticipation or fear of family? Is home for the holidays more like hell for the holidays? Here are some tips to bear in mind to enjoy the event rather than spar: While you are [...]

Give Thanks for the Next Day

Let me give you a vision. . .ready? Turkey is prepared to be cooked with all the trimmings and your mother has just came back from the store with extra cans of  your favorite vegetables and sweets. Everybody sits down for a moment to have a [...]