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Suicide From A Metaphysical Point Of View

First, forget sin!  From a metaphysical point of view, there’s no such thing. A person’s choices can be poor, and even evil, but as I’ve written about in discussing karma, the ripple effects of such actions create their own reverberating [...]

Shakin’ The Salt!

When I first started dating my college sweetheart, I thought his last name was so cute – Bud Peppers. Of course the Beatles popular Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was still popular and I sang it all the time. Then as graduation [...]

Suicide Is Not The Answer

We constantly hear in the news that somebody took their own life. There are many different situations that get people to end their life. As a published author of a managing fear book and as a Layman, here are five reasons why suicide is not [...]

Paris Jackson Or Jane Doe: Teenage Suicide A World Health Problem To Be Taken Seriously!

There is certainly something very wrong when a teenager attempts to or commits suicide! So young, so much life ahead, so much to look forward to. Why then is teenage suicide among one of the world’s leading health problems? What is going [...]

Is Your Teen At-Risk for Suicide?

Are we paying enough attention to our children? It’s been said that “The best thing you can spend on your children is time,” and according to a recent study by Janice Wood (2012) in How to Recognize Teens at Risk for Self-Harm, this appears [...]