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Podcast: How Our Senses Rule Our Actions

Listen Here: Dr. Thalma Lobel is an internationally recognized psychologist and author of SENSATION: The New Science of Physical Intelligence, out in April from Atria Books. By sharing fascinating new findings – like how clean smells promote [...]

I Am My Problem: Now What?

Upon realizing we source our difficulties we may feel trapped. Good news is this realization can instigate change to benefit us for life. Self-honesty to identify ourselves as our own challenge is courageous, bringing rewards. Once we realize [...]

The Broken Heart’s Solution

Having helped several broken-hearted folks today, I’m reflecting. Hi Gals and Guys: How common this challenge is! Everyone’s gone through it. Thinking fondly of you, my friends, as though you are my children, wishing I could give you a lifetime [...]

You Are Fine My Dear, Forget What The Psychology Book Said

Enjoy taking a warm steam-bath full of vanilla and honeysuckle? Imagine vines of these flowers and pods around you, favorite music playing in the background. Delicious, yes? Maybe you’re more active. Your equivalent might be a brisk bike ride, [...]

Let’s Try This: What’s Right with Me?

Have you ever asked yourself, “What’s wrong with me?” Plenty of times I bet.  This kind of self-talk stems from an over-emphasis in our culture of trying to fix what doesn’t belong or LOOK like it doesn’t  belong to what is considered [...]

Your Brilliant Blueprint for Success

Quantum physics Deep inside you, inside your DNA, is an inherent Blueprint for Success. Everyone comes into this life with a blueprint for success, and your personal blueprint includes the capacity to bring to fruition the incredible life that [...]

This Makes Me So Mad, The Dangers Of Mismanaged Anger

Many of us are quite skillful in the art of “Ruminating.” Well, that’s actually false.  Rumination isn’t an art as much as it is a burden, yet, we practice it all of the time!  Picture this, you walk in the door from [...]