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10 Holiday Security Tips

Christmas trees, mistletoe, candy canes, turkey and stuffing bring out scammers, phishers, burglars and identity thieves. I’m not purposefully trying to be a Grinch here, but I’m just reminding you that good times, unfortunately, bring out [...]

What Is Business/Commercial Identity Theft?

Business or commercial identity theft happens when thieves use an existing business’ name to get credit, or they may bill a business’ clients for products and services. Sometimes the Social Security number of a company’s officer or another [...]

Does Identity Theft Protection Really Work?

Do identity protection services really work? How effective are their scanning/monitoring methods? Can they truly protect consumers? The answers may vary. Identity theft protection is designed to protect you from new lines of credit being opened [...]

“4S Way To Dress” This Summer

How to Keep Your Child Safe in the Summer Sun It is great to get your child outside and active during the summer months. However, is your kid spending all day basking in the sun without the proper sun protection? Did you know that just one blistering [...]

The Midlife Sage Says: Fight Tragedy With Tenacity

Twenty years ago an uninsured punk ran a stop sign and crashed into me as I cheerfully drove up 5 Mile Road in my new car. I regained consciousness in the hospital and had broken bones, multiple contusions, and a damaged occipital nerve that [...]