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Douglas Haddad


Douglas Haddad is an award-winning educator and best-selling author of The Ultimate Guide to Raising Teens and Tweens: Strategies for Unlocking Your Child's Full Potential. He has worked with children in a variety of capacities as a teacher, coach, and mentor. Through his innovative teaching styles and educational games, music, and videos he has originally created for children, Douglas has helped different learners become motivated, set goals, self-manage, learn how to make good choices, become happy, healthy, self-reliant and stable-minded, and navigate through peer pressures to overcome the many challenges that they are faced with each day.

Douglas is also a blogger, contributing writer, and has been featured in national print and online outlets. He was recognized as the Teacher of the Year in his district in Connecticut and has been named a Teacher-Ambassador for Public Education in the State of Connecticut. In addition to his work as a writer and educator, Douglas is a modern-day Renaissance man who has also been on stage singing, playing piano, writing music, performing voiceovers for various companies and products, and acting in theatrical performances, film, television, and commercials over the years.

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Posts by Douglas Haddad:

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