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Balance: It Is Not What You Think

Many people speak about creating a balance in life, one that allows you to enjoy both your personal life and also your professional life. I do not believe in trying to balance the two. Making a conscious effort to schedule X amount of time for [...]

Podcast: Relax, Focus, Succeed

Listen Here: Karl Palachuk is a successful IT Consultant, business coach, speaker, popular blogger, and the author of ten books, including Relax, Focus, Succeed: A Guide to Balancing Your Personal and Professional Lives and Becoming More [...]

How I Managed My Fears Of The Future

I struggled with fear and anxiety for 20 years. One of the greatest fears I had to deal with was the fear of the future. A lot of times, I would worry about what would happen if I was unable to manage my fears in terms of my career, relationships, [...]