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You Can Make Massive Progress By Implementing What You Know

Those of us interested in personal development continuously want to learn and make progress in all areas of our lives. We seek out new books, courses, seminars, and videos that will teach us something new that could help us improve ourselves [...]

7 Steps To Be Your Best Everyday

The ruler comes out. Certain times during the year we have a tendency to stop and evaluate ourselves. We determine if we have accomplished goals we set, gotten closer to realizing our dreams, become better people, or fulfilled our potential [...]

Let Your Own Power Propel You Across The Finish Line

We all like to win—to cross that finish line—once we’ve put ourselves in a competition. We all like to achieve our goals once we set them. And doing so is, indeed, important no matter if you compete against yourselves or against others. [...]

How To Achieve Success

Recently I attended New Media Expo. It’s a huge conference attended by bloggers and podcasters from all over the United States and the world. I was struck by the fact that the big keynote speaker they had on the last day was not a blogger [...]

What We Can Learn From Graduates

This past week I had the privilege of sitting through a variety of inspirational speeches. These were meant for New York University graduating students, but I found them appropriate for just about anyone pursuing anything new or difficult. In [...]

What You Can Learn From The Super Bowl

I don’t give two hoots about football. However, I love that every year so many people rally around a team and an event in such a huge way. The reason for this is simple: Everyone loves a winner. In other words, in our hearts, we all want to [...]

Show Up To Achieve Success This Year

On New Year’s Eve, many people create resolutions. The majority of those very same people don’t keep them. Therefore, they don’t achieve the success they desire in the New Year. If you want to succeed in 2014, you need to follow just one [...]

Turning Required Activities Into Inspired Activites

Too often we feel like we must do something or we should do something. That’s why we don’t do anything at all. If you want to get more done and achieve the results you desire in your life and work, take inspired action not required action. The [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Make Resolutions For The New Year

It’s almost January 31st. New Year’s Eve and the time when many of us choose to make resolutions about how we want to change or improve in the New Year. The problem with resolutions lies in the word itself: resolve. It possesses a negative [...]

How to Achieve Inspired Results

Results. We want to achieve them in all areas of our lives—in business, in health, in fitness, in career, even in relationships. We have dreams and goals, and we want the actions we take to realize them actually turn into results. How do we [...]