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Turning Required Activities Into Inspired Activites

Too often we feel like we must do something or we should do something.

That’s why we don’t do anything at all. If you want to get more done and achieve the results you desire in your life and work, take inspired action not required action.

The Energy Raiser: Passion

Here’s the thing: When you feel like you have to do something because of an outside force, you are less likely to take action. You feel obligated to complete the activity but you don’t feel passionate about it. For example, if a doctor tells you to exercise or a boss tells you to complete a project, you know in our mind that doing so will benefit you. That doesn’t necessarily make you want to do exercise or do your work.

If, on the other hand, you love bike riding and decide to take up an exercise routine that involves cycling, you will probably follow through—after a doctor tells you to do so or not. If you decide to take on a new work project because it is something you feel passionate about—something you really want to do for personal reasons, you will likely start and finish it quickly and easily. And you will probably do so without anyone pushing or prodding you to do so.

Finding Passion and Meaning

You will always take on an activity with more energy and desire when you feel passion for it. Lacking passion, you can find some degree of personal meaning in it, which will lead to passion. How do you do that with everything? Look for some sense of benefit to others in whatever you do.

If your boss gives you a job, no matter how menial, find a way to make it meaningful. Maybe you are flipping burgers, but if you see this as a service to others, it can be a meaning-full job. If you must write a report that seems boring, ask yourself who will benefit from that report. You are being of service to those people, and that makes writing the report meaning-full.

If you must exercise you are not only being of service to yourself but to your family. If you must drive children to activities or elderly parents to appointments, you are being of service to them. If you must clean the house, cook, do laundry—any small or large task or activity—someone will benefit from what you. When you are in service to others, you do something meaning-full rather than performing an empty activity.

Creating Inspired Activities

When you focus on service and meaning, your passion for what you do will grow. You will have more energy and commitment for your activities, and you will get more done. You’ll achieve more results—and feel inspired while you achieve them.

You can’t get away from all required activities in you life, but you can make them inspired activities if you put just a bit of effort into changing your focus. Try it and let me know if it makes a difference in your life and work.

Nina Amir is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.