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How Do You Get “Back On Track” When You Fall Off?

Sometimes life travels along nicely Then BANG! For some unknown reason, you fall off the tracks of your life into a slump. You know the signs: low energy, lack of motivation, miserable  attitude and maybe even depression. What is hard to know [...]

Have You Lost Your Enthusiasm?

Have you ever had one of those days? When it seems like your enthusiasm and energy has gone AWOL and you can not seem to get it back? There is no doubt that you know you have enthusiasm when sparks fly and you get all fired up about something [...]

Have You Ever Met The “Curious You?”

Curiosity makes our mind active instead of passive. It makes our mind observant of new ideas and opens our mind to new experiences and possibilities.  It most definitely brings a sense of excitement into our life. Waking up each day excited [...]