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Have You Lost Your Enthusiasm?

Have you ever had one of those days?

When it seems like your enthusiasm and energy has gone AWOL and you can not seem to get it back?

There is no doubt that you know you have enthusiasm when sparks fly and you get all fired up about something by doing the things you love. It is easy to get motivated when you do things you really enjoy, time seems to stand still.

When you get so busy trying to spin around and take care of so many things, you begin to feel out of balance and you think you have no enthusiasm for anything.  You are running on low and things just don’t seem right.

After being motivated initially, there comes the second part, that of staying motivated when you don’t feel the same excitement as you did in the beginning.  Maybe something new came into your life and your old goals aren’t the priority anymore.  You just can not get excited anymore, however, if you just keep going, you will get there eventually.  But, if you give up, you won’t.

It’s your choice, you can accomplish your goals or you can quit.  Instead of sitting and pondering on your goals, you could take first step and start.  Once you start, it is never as hard as you thought it would be.

Caught up with your enthusiasm yet?  Watch out, I see it coming!

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