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How Do You Get “Back On Track” When You Fall Off?

Sometimes life travels along nicely

Then BANG! For some unknown reason, you fall off the tracks of your life into a slump.

You know the signs: low energy, lack of motivation, miserable  attitude and maybe even depression.

What is hard to know is, how do you pull yourself UP and “outta there”?

Maybe we need to mix up life and change our routines.

If nothing else, this can help your sanity.  Some changes you make you will find to be psychologically helpful.

Maybe we could step up with our activity into exercise.  This usually makes you happier and more relaxed, not to mention what it will do to your self-esteem.

Maybe we could stop to help others and in return we get a better feeling about our life and realize things for us are not so bad.  This is a time of moving away from “me” to “others.”

Maybe we need to shake out the cobwebs out of our heads and stop spending so much time worrying about our problems.  Could  we  make a list of problems and then solutions to resolving them and then just let go of them?

If we get into mental slumps brought on by stress why not set the problem aside for a couple of days and get a new perspective.

Do you have any suggestions for getting out of the slumps?

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