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Making Midlife Magnificent

Midlife doesn’t have to be a depressing time of your life even though your challenges are getting tough. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult. It can be something good and enjoyable. And it can be exciting, invigorating [...]

The Midlife Sage: How To Plan And Survive Your Midlife Birthday

My most memorable childhood birthday could be a case study for why some people need therapy. My mother’s baby died during childbirth a few weeks before my 8th birthday, so my gift was a big doll with all the clothes that had been intended [...]

The Midlife Sage: From Harley-Davidsons To Hostess Ding Dongs

In a former life, I rode a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, drank gallons of cold beer, ate greasy chicken wings, and made love at noon in a mountain meadow. Now I drive an SUV, sip laxative tea, and snack on protein bars. Passion is pleasurable, [...]

Podcast: The Midlife Laughter Challenge

Listen Here: Elaine Ambrose, who through her books, blogs, and speaking engagements, encourages women over fifty to discover the happiness that comes from having a consistent laughter routine. Her new book, Midlife Cabernet, recently won a [...]

Navigating My Middle Passage

From Chasing the Almighty Dollar to Finding Meaning and Purpose in Mid-Life When I was in my 30s I had a well paid sales and sales training position.  I worked hard and made good money. In fact, most of my waking efforts were devoted to increasing [...]

5 Ways To Find Spring Love & Romance

Are you a single midlife woman hoping to find love? Good news – your chances improve as the weather warms up. Spring into romance with these five simple methods to meet more men. 1. Try something new! In midlife, it’s easy to get stuck [...]