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Podcast: How Humor Can Help Cancer Patients

Listen Here: Dr. Rajiv Samant is a radiation oncologist and author of Smiles From The Clinic: A Humorous Look At Cancer  – a cartoon book designed for cancer patients, health care professionals and anyone who has been touched by cancer, [...]

Why I Don’t Like Band Aids

Let’s start today out with a little honesty. When I was in my thirties, I was a mess. I was a new mother, a busy doctor, and a frazzled spouse. I was overweight, overstressed, and PMS had an iron grip on my mood for three weeks out of the [...]

Are Doctors Making Us Worse?

We are so bombarded with what’s right and wrong regarding our health that people are genuinely confused and scared. I experienced something so extraordinary in my healing that I wanted to explain the amazing process to help others. I suffered [...]