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Are Doctors Making Us Worse?

We are so bombarded with what’s right and wrong regarding our health that people are genuinely confused and scared.

I experienced something so extraordinary in my healing that I wanted to explain the amazing process to help others.

I suffered from severe pain for 30 years, along with many other common health problems, until I finally couldn’t function anymore. Then suddenly, at my wit’s end, I happened upon a doctor in New York who saved my life, John E. Sarno, MD.

Forbes Magazine recently published 2 articles on Dr. Sarno calling him, “America’s Best Pain Doctor.” I agree, he certainly is the best. But you probably haven’t heard of him, right? Well, there’s a reason why you haven’t. The medical industry would prefer that you don’t know about him.

We possess the most technologically advanced medical equipment and techniques in the history of humankind, yet pain is on the rise. Back pain, hand pain, carpal tunnel and fibromyalgia are at epidemic levels. We have the best footwear ever designed to protect our feet and yet foot pain is running wild. Is the human body suddenly collapsing after thousands of years? No, but our tension levels are elevating.

Modern advancements in medicine have indeed saved many lives. But by treating the body only, and ignoring the stressor-causes, our health problems are worsening. Most pain and fatigue are reactions to stress, but doctors rarely consider emotions in their diagnosis. Dr. Sarno discovered over his 50 year career that even though things like herniated discs, arthritis, and permanent partial ligament tears, etc., “were there,” they were not the causes of pain. However, they were routinely attributed as being the sole cause. But these things rarely, if ever, cause pain. He discovered that psychological conflict caused things like pain, ulcers, skin problems, high blood pressure, irritable bowel, depression, and anxiety. He called his insightful observation, TMS: Tension Myoneural Syndrome.

Pain comes from oxygen reduction, not things like herniated discs, worn joints, or bony arthritis.

People suffering from chronic pain, fatigue, infections, stomach and skin problems are often perfectionists. They are normally hard driven people who set high standards for themselves to keep everyone around them happy. This need to be good is extremely enraging to the inner self. When this goodist-anger hits a certain threshold the brain simply does the individual a favor and creates a symptom to distract him. Now he has to focus his full attention on his body, and away from emotions that are too powerful, too threatening, or too sad.

Our personalities are the major forces in our health, not our bodies.

We also live in a society that demands answers, something concrete to blame for our health maladies. Modern medicine has become so invested in looking toward the body for answers that it has forgotten to look at the whole person. And in ignoring the person, and her life problems, it misses the cause for her health problems, which is her powerful, and yet hidden emotions.

Dr. Sarno recently retired after 5 decades in medicine. He had one of the greatest careers any physician could have ever dreamed of, but his colleagues often ridiculed him. He was a heretic to many, a pariah, because he had proven through astronomical success that most healing requires no surgery, no drugs, no physical therapy, and no injections—no cash cows. His was medical mutiny.

Healing requires an open mind and deepening awareness. The answers lie inside of us, not outside.

There’s a revolution happening right now around the globe. Those who accept the mindbody process are healing by the masses. Those who say it aint so, continue to suffer. Healing is more often a choice.

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