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The Ways You Are Negatively Influencing Your Power And What You Can Do About It

Charisma Busters We’ve all seen it.  Some energetic, mysterious person floats in the room looking like they have the world at their fingertips.   They appear to have that certain “It” Factor! You are intrigued!   But then they open [...]
Podcast: Why You Need A Speech Coach

Podcast: Why You Need A Speech Coach

Listen Here: Mary Gardner is on the verge of launching the Inspirational Speakers Academy that will mentor and coach individuals to create a business through speaking and promoting their work and their causes.  Why You Need A Speech Coach How [...]


It’s the HOLIDAY season time and according to statistics, 15% of you will be attending parties where there is out of control/bad behavior at the parties. Oh yes.. we’ve all seen the executive who got a bit toasted or the young buck [...]

GET CONNECTED: Branding YOU in the World of Business

I’d like to take you back to 1999. This was the year that futurists were predicting that if you didn’t have your business on the Internet that you wouldn’t have a business.  People disagreed. Now think back a few years to 2004 when Facebook [...]

Top Ten List For Becoming A Speaker

1. Be Prepared! The number one reason why people get nervous is that they don’t feel prepared. It is important to practice your speech over and over and over in the mirror and on tape so you can feel comfortable that your message will be strong.  [...]

Creating a Movement… In Three Easy Steps!

Did you ever have a brilliant moment, an idea that hit, and you just knew that this was the ‘cha-ching’ idea that will send you over the top? When it happens, it’s absolute magic. And synergy usually happens with two creative people [...]

Your Passion Can Ignite Sales!

Today I got to live my dream! Today I was fortunate to coach an Olympic Athlete whose message is going to inspire millions. And it was awesome! This weekend I flew to Portland Oregon to work with two time Olympic Athlete Lopez Lomong. He placed [...]