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Podcast: The Real Secret of The Law of Attraction

Listen Here: Laurina Anderson, MSW, is an International Life and Energy Coach and discusses how what we believe impacts our lives, both positively and negatively, plus how we can use that to our advantage. The Real Secret of The Law of Attraction Mindful, [...]

A New Perspective On Courage

Wayne Dyer says, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Such good advice to follow, since you know that challenges will come your way as you age and your perspective is a major factor in how [...]

Driven by Impatience? Headed Toward A Cliff: Part 2

A diagnosis. If you’ve been wired to give and give and give and then suddenly wake one day and say, “Hey! What about me? When’s it MY turn to get back?” Then you might be looking at a classic case of ‘driven by impatience to have [...]