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Driven by Impatience? Headed Toward A Cliff: Part 2

A diagnosis.

If you’ve been wired to give and give and give and then suddenly wake one day and say, “Hey! What about me? When’s it MY turn to get back?” Then you might be looking at a classic case of ‘driven by impatience to have my needs met immediately by everyone else ‘cause I’ve been giving to them forever!’ syndrome.

Here’s a fantastic solution. Create an Intention that’s simple and that becomes a chant, your daily mantra. Repeat aloud or silently…

In this moment I choose to be calm and resonate my power, again and again throughout the day.

In this moment I choose to release the need for fear, again and again, throughout the day.

In this moment I choose to be grateful for the ability to create my world, again and again.

In this moment I choose to feel my feelings –

and if those feelings are sad, or angry or hurt, then feel them as you simultaneously choose to be the love that you are to support yourself through the MOMENT of release. Make space for those negative emotions to go bye-bye, by being as present as possible in each moment.

Make space for the release by being present.

You are Pure Conscious Love. You’ll always come back to that no matter how far you stray, no matter how long your temper tantrum lasts about what you don’t have or can’t get…your foundation is pure conscious love.

That’s the spirit part of the program.

Now you look at your feelings and your thoughts. They might say, “I’m excited to move forward, yet I feel sad”…” or “I’m eager to get started and get out of this mess, but I’m so anxious and nervous that nothing will work.”

There’s always a contradiction within you that continually struggles to keep you in a place of fear. But then again, you created that fear by not understanding that you’re both Light Spirit and physical density.

Let’s make this easy—Picture a magical bridge where you stand on one side and see your ‘desires’ on the other side. What’s your first inclination? Is it to run across that bridge? What if it’s ten miles long? Thirty miles long? Tiring, huh?

Now IMAGINE that you can magnetize your desires toward you by focusing on one Intention a day. Just imagine that! Experiment with your power. Start with something benign. “I’d like a purple pen.” Say it over and over again. See it coming toward you across that bridge either floating magically in the air or carried by a friendly stranger. See that purple pen reaching your hand. Be grateful for that purple pen. Do this many times a day and see what happens!

With each moment you focus on the bridge with the intention of resolving your conflict, or attracting your dreams, you’ll literally make an energetic field. That energy field vibrates a frequency. That frequency ATTRACTS…Poof, you’re a magician!

How does it work?

Here’s a simple example–

During one of my group VIP group sessions, I worked with a gal named Jane (not her real name). She was tough, dressed all in black and her complaint was that she wanted a job where she could be creative and express herself. What I saw in her aura was a distance from people. She focused on getting a job, but I focused on helping her bridge the gap to people. That was the order to her wisdom.

In one day alone, we did energy clearings, group exercises, writing exercises and then I sent everyone home that night, (this was a two-day workshop)…with homework specific to their goals and conflicts.

Jane’s homework was to go make a friend. It was simple. Go to the hotel, go for a walk, whatever it was, just go make a friend. And she said to me and to the group, “But you don’t understand…NO ONE approaches me. I don’t make friends like that. That’s not going to happen.” And she folded her arms.

Even after the entire day of clearing her barriers and her fears she clung to this statement that NO ONE approaches her. I smiled, gave her a hug, and sent her on her merry way. She promised to set her intention to make a friend and started mumbling her chant under her breath.

The next morning we all assembled and she came into the room wearing black, but with colorful accents this time. Her appearance had changed. She was visibly different, softer somehow. We checked in with each person and when we got to Jane I said, “Tell us about your evening.”

She smiled so wide, like a kid on Christmas day, and said, “I got back to the hotel and I got into the elevator thinking, ‘which restaurant will I go to for dinner?’ and a man got on the elevator and he said ‘hi’ and he started to talk to me!”

Another woman in the group said, “Yeah, and?”

Jane said, “You don’t get how BIG this is. NO ONE approaches me…EVER!! But he did and we talked and then I went to dinner alone, and then the WAITRESS hung out and chatted with me! This is the most remarkable thing that’s ever happened to me. I don’t feel so separate anymore. Thank you, Elaine. Thank you!” She said with tears in her eyes.

With every moment that you focus on your ‘bridge’ with the intention of resolving your conflict, of attracting your desires, you’ll literally surround yourself with an energetic field that contains the blueprint for your desires.

This auric field of energy becomes a pathway. This pathway ushers in new opportunities to coincide with your goal.

Stay tuned for the next post on Manifesting!

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