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The Ex Formerly Known As Prince

Imagine Cinderella 20 years after the ball. Prince Charming goes through a mid-life crisis. He tells her he needs his space to “find himself.” He follows that up with it’s not you, it’s me€ and €œwe can still be [...]

Why I Don’t Date Vampires

I realize that vampires are very fashionable in books and on screen right now. However, no matter how romantic they may seem, I do not want to date a vampire. First there is the obvious reason, I don’t know any real vampires. (Though my ex-husband [...]

To Date Or Not To Date, That Is The Question

My friends are divided between those that believe you should jump right back into the dating pool after a divorce and those that feel you should wait until the kids are a little older. Personally, I’m somewhere in between. Actually, the idea [...]