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To Date Or Not To Date, That Is The Question

My friends are divided between those that believe you should jump right back into the dating pool after a divorce and those that feel you should wait until the kids are a little older.

Personally, I’m somewhere in between.

Actually, the idea of dating sounds exhausting. Sure it was fun when I was in my twenties, but now there are some days that I’m just happy I can get myself to work (without too many wrinkles in my clothes) and get my kid to school on time. I rush home, get dinner, clean up, worry about bills and I have just enough energy to crawl into bed and get ready to do it all over again. Yes, there’s the weekend, but that’s filled with cleaning, food shopping, laundry, and cooking. (Ah, the glamorous life of a single mom.)

The idea of getting dressed up and going out on a real date sounds almost impossible.

Of course, I’m getting ahead of myself. Dating would mean that I would first meet a guy. The last time I dated was many, many, many years ago. It was a lot easier to meet a single guy then. Now the only guys I see are the ones I work with (a definite no-no) and the guys who work in the grocery store or at the fast food places where I grab dinner when I can’t deal with cooking. I don’t want to go to bars to meet men, but I’m not sure the grocery store is the best place.

If only I could use a fast food drive-through and order a nice guy to date as easily as I order a burger. “Hi, I’d like a terrific guy to go please. I’d like some extra ‘nice’ and please hold the ‘negative attitude’. And I’d like a side of ‘good sense of humor’ with that.”

It sounds so good that I’d want to supersize that to a real relationship.

Imagine how nice it would be if that was on the menu at McDonald’s. They would certainly sell plenty of those Happy Meals. I know I’d be first in line to order.


Laura Browne is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.