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The Midlife Sage Asks: What’s So Funny?

The words “Cook in your underwear” aren’t that funny. But in the context of a speech I gave last week to the Idaho Association of School Administrators, the phrase prompted 500 people to spontaneously laugh out loud. For a speaker and [...]

Podcast: How Humor Can Help Cancer Patients

Listen Here: Dr. Rajiv Samant is a radiation oncologist and author of Smiles From The Clinic: A Humorous Look At Cancer  – a cartoon book designed for cancer patients, health care professionals and anyone who has been touched by cancer, [...]

Podcast: The Midlife Laughter Challenge

Listen Here: Elaine Ambrose, who through her books, blogs, and speaking engagements, encourages women over fifty to discover the happiness that comes from having a consistent laughter routine. Her new book, Midlife Cabernet, recently won a [...]

Have You Ever Been “Tickled” At Your Own Life?

How many times during the course of the day do you catch yourself actually laughing? Laughing is  very good for your overall health and attitude. It releases a lot of emotions, helps you to visibility relax and recharges the soul and on top [...]

Discovering Life’s Phone Number

Most people talk to God, pray to God or communicate in various ways to the creator of the universe—hoping that such a greater power exists to listen to them. Some beg God to save them or help them at some point in their lives.  Others beseech [...]

Humor: Got Some?

Humor/laughter helps us at every level of life – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and psychological. But, don’t we already know this? Somehow, we think that since we are adults we have to be serious, all of the time. A good [...]

Laughter: Medicine For The Body And Soul

Having grown up in a bright purple house, my mother was a costumer for the local Theater Guild. Every holiday she decorated the large pink ceramic pig in our front yard and I thought we were normal. I was always voted class clown and made sure [...]