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Language Learning for Competitive Professionals

Listen Here:  Today we feature Marissa Blaszko, a Polish-American designer and business owner who began learning languages as an adult to help distinguish herself in the competitive world of event planning. Since those first steps [...]

Conversations with The Tuesday Night Girls: What’s Your Pet Peeve?

For Cara, it’s leaving lights on in an empty room; for Mootsie, it’s finding discarded socks and shoes leaving a trail behind where others’ feet have traveled. For me, it had always been technology.  You love it except for [...]

Podcast: How To Help Education Elementary School English Language Leaners

Listen Here: Dorit Sasson, is an educator, story mentor and writer who specializes in English as a second language instruction. Dorit is also the author of two books to be released in early fall.  Dorit’s new books are Speaking and Writing [...]

Conversations With The Tuesday Night Girls: Speak At Your Own Risk!

As a baby boomer, I cannot count the number of times that I’ve used 20th Century vernacular to describe a thing or a situation that has caused deep frowns on the face of my Generation “X” daughter. One Tuesday night, we girls [...]