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Podcast: Say Yes To An Abundant Life!

Listen Here: Leslie Fonteyne is a Life Transformation catalyst and intuitive, who helps identify the energetic blocks and interferences that keep many of us from stepping into our full potential, into our incredibly powerful selves. Say Yes [...]

Podcast: What Are You Worthy Of?

Listen Here: Welcome to the JenningsWire online magazine podcast series where we feature interviews with top authors and experts. Monika Laschkolnig is the author of 1 Question That Can Change Your Life: Unleash The Power Of Your Self-Worth [...]

What Lies Beneath ~ Finding Your Inner Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha Sighting In 1957 the Thai government was moving a large clay Buddha with a crane when suddenly the clay started to crack. The workers covered up the Buddha as it was starting to rain. When they came back that night to check that [...]